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Effective training and support constitute crucial components for achieving success in any business. It is essential that the training provided is easily accessible and directly applicable to the needs of the staff.


To accomplish this, we collaborate closely with professionals who specialise in a range of topics, including mental health in the workplace, menopause, and assisting parents/caregivers returning from maternity leave or career breaks to care for their families.

Our firm conviction is that through appropriate training and robust support, employees will experience a sense of encouragement and recognition, ultimately leading to a higher retention rate of our invaluable talent pool.

Empowering Menopause Support in the Workplace

Every woman experiences menopause at some point in her life. The impact it has on women can affect not only them but also their friends, family, and colleagues. Unfortunately, many employers are not equipped to provide the necessary support during this challenging phase of life.

While some women may have mild symptoms for a brief period, others face debilitating effects that can hinder their ability to work. As a result, talented staff members may feel compelled to leave their jobs due to fear and embarrassment, without feeling comfortable discussing their struggles with their managers or HR.

At InterlinkHR, we are determined to change this perception and collaborate with employers to offer comprehensive support to their staff.

By raising awareness among managers and HR personnel about the symptoms and signs of menopause, we aim to create an environment where employees feel confident about requesting workplace adjustments or flexible arrangements to ease this transition. Through proactive measures, we hope to foster a workplace culture that embraces the natural phases of life and empowers women to navigate menopause with dignity and support.

Support for Wellbeing and Mental Health

Ensuring the well-being and mental health support of employees is a crucial responsibility for every employer. Whether an employee has a diagnosed mental health condition or is going through a period of stress and anxiety, it is essential for employers to uphold their duty of care in accordance with health and safety legislation.

Employers are required to assess potential risks arising from workplace hazards, including those related to mental health conditions that may be caused or exacerbated by work.

Under the Equality Act 2010, if an employee is deemed to have a disability, they are entitled to fair treatment and should not face any form of discrimination in their employment. This means that individuals with mental health conditions should be treated with the same consideration as any other employee.

Is your business adequately equipped to provide support and education to your staff regarding mental health? Can your managers recognise signs of mental health issues among their team members, and do they know how to offer assistance?

At InterlinkHR, we are committed to helping your managers and staff by providing training to ensure that employees receive the appropriate care and support they need.

The Guide for Returning Parents/Caregivers

The return of a new parent to the workplace after maternity or adoption leave can be a challenging transition for both the employee and the employer. It's important to note that pregnancy and maternity are protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

Recently, the Equality and Human Rights Commission conducted a survey that revealed concerning statistics about how employers perceive pregnancy and maternity. The survey results indicated that employers might be at risk of facing discrimination claims, potentially leading to financial and reputational consequences.

At InterlinkHR, we aim to offer our assistance in facilitating a smooth 'return-to-work' plan and schedule for new parents/caregivers. By collaborating with your management team and your employees, we can provide the necessary support during this process, benefiting both the employee and your business.

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