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Claire is a seasoned HR professional, CIPD Qualified, with over 15 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Recruitment. Throughout her career, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various aspects of HR management, talent acquisition, and employee development.

However, her true passion lies in supporting and empowering women in their professional journeys. Recently she has dedicated herself to raising awareness and addressing the challenges faced by mothers returning to work after taking a career break and maternity leave. She firmly believes that every woman deserves the opportunity to pursue her career ambitions and strike a balance between personal and professional life. Claire is a mother herself and is acutely aware of the physical and mental challenges thrown at the working parent and the impact this can have on a business and the surrounding team.

As an advocate for diversity and inclusivity, she has actively engaged with organisations and policymakers to implement progressive policies that support working mothers and foster a family-friendly workplace culture. Her efforts have not only helped women re-enter the workforce with confidence but have also contributed to creating diverse and thriving teams within organisations.

Through her expertise in HR and passion for equality and diversity, she’s had the privilege of working with numerous organisations, to implement policies that drive positive change and empower employees at all levels of the workforce. She is a firm believer that diverse perspectives and experiences are essential for any organisation's success and has actively encourage clients to embrace this diversity to foster innovation and growth.

Sharly is a CIPD qualified HR professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. Sharly has a proven track record of implementing policies and programs that support employees in achieving a healthy balance between their professional and personal responsibilities. Additionally, she has expertise in improving business performance and has developed a variety of strategies to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within organisations at individual, team, and board levels.

Furthermore, Sharly has a strong commitment to supporting women's issues in the workplace including Pre & Post Maternity support, and has been instrumental in creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all employees.  Sharly has a young family herself and is dedicated to demonstrating that all businesses can provide flexibility and work-life balance for their employees.


Her previous roles and current clients cover a multitude of business areas across the UK, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man including Financial Services, Global Shipping & Logistics, Recruitment, Sales, and Marketing.  Her relationships with these clients range from on-the-ground people management right up to C-Suite Board Level advice and recruitment.





HR Consultant


Sue has chosen to work with us because she has a passion and a shared commitment to ensuring small businesses have access to professional HR help as and when they need it.


Sue brings over 30 years’ experience in Human Resources management and has previously held several high-level positions in different sectors including finance and property.  She also has experience of working with UK businesses and more recently has worked closely with a team to conceptualise, implement, and refine HR processes within a large Charitable Foundation.


Sue is a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and holds an Executive Coaching Diploma with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Chelsea truly believes that our people are our greatest asset and as a HR associate, she is dedicated to supporting their success and well-being every step of the way.  She brings a blend of enthusiasm and expertise in her role, whether it’s recruitment, employee onboarding, benefits administration, or policy implementation, she ensures that our HR operations run seamlessly.


Chelsea thrives on building meaningful connections with employees at all levels, providing guidance and support on HR related matters.  Streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and maintaining meticulous records to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies.


Beyond her professional role, she is passionate about continuous learning and growth and always seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills to better serve our team.  Chelsea has recently passed her Level 3 CIPD certificate and is currently studying towards level 5!


HR Associate

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