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The Menopause Support pack

Guess what… every woman goes through it at some time in her life… friends, family, and colleagues in her life may be affected by the impact it has on her... yet employers are not set up to be able to support women going through this grueling time of life.

Some women are lucky. They may have mild symptoms for a short period, which will not affect their physical or mental capacity. Others are not so lucky and experience a range of debilitating symptoms that can affect their ability to work, causing some of your most talented staff to leave the company, through fear and embarrassment and not feeling comfortable enough discussing such a topic with their manager or HR.


Here at InterlinKHR, we want to radically change this perception and work with employers to help support staff.


Managers and HR staff must be aware of symptoms and signs to support their staff best. We want to pave the way for employees to feel confident about asking for adjustments to the workplace or flexibility to facilitate this period.

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Ready to find out more?

Stand out from your competitor and let us help you provide the support and tools needed to retain these talented people in your workforce.


Give us a call today on 0208 050 8789 and allow us to be the best link in your chain of success.

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